Benefits of Regular Dental Visits

Most people don’t like going to the dentist. It feels like a chore to many individuals. However, it is important to have regular dental checkups as it can prevent all kinds of health issues, both oral and problems that can have an impact on our overall physical health. Nova Dental Studio is a leading Falls Church dental practice. You should give them a call if it has been a while since your last visit to the dentist. 


All people know that brushing their teeth, flossing, and visiting a dentist on a regular basis is the key to having whiter looking teeth, great looking smile, and of course, fresh breath. Taking a proper care of your teeth will prevent gum diseases and reduce the risk of dental problems. However, it has additional benefits that you might not even be aware of. For example, having a healthy mouth can reduce the risk of stroke, heart disease, diabetes, kidney problems, lung infections, Alzheimer’s, erectile dysfunction, infertility, and preterm birth. It would be the best idea to visit a dentist once every six months. If you are at high risk of certain oral health conditions, you should do it more often. 

Advantages of Visiting a Dentist on a Regular Basis 

The most obvious benefit is that you will have stronger and cleaner teeth. Regular visits to the dentist and cleanings will allow professionals to examine your teeth and give them a deep clean. If you don’t have a habit of flossing, your dentist will remove the tartar and plaque that has accumulated since your last dental treatment. Also, they will point out any teeth that are broken, or decaying and check whether all fillings are in a good condition or not. The sooner they identify problem areas, the sooner your oral issues will be fixed. It will also prevent long-term damage. 

Another advantage is that your digestion will improve. You are surely aware that the condition of our teeth and our overall oral health has an influence on the performance of our digestive system. If you chew your food well, saliva breaks down the carbohydrates and allows a smooth digestive process. However, if your teeth are weak, misaligned, or infected, it will decrease your chewing ability and the helpfulness of your saliva. 

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The third benefit is that regular dental visits allow early diagnosis. Most systemic diseases have oral symptoms. Thanks to the regular checkups, an expert can notice a health problem that you weren’t even aware of. The condition of your teeth can show the presence of a more severe health issue. Also, if your dentist notices that an oral problem is developing, he will take care of it before it becomes serious. 

Finally, regular checkups can prevent gingivitis. If you don’t floss and brush regularly and don’t have a habit of visiting a dentist on a regular basis, bacteria in your mouth will form tartar and plaque. As they grow along your gum line, they can increase the risk for a gum infection, and it is called gingivitis.